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Q. I have forgot my username / password.


A. Enter your email address into the username / password recovery system, which is located on the 'edit your event' page. Your details will be sent to you by email. This can take up to 2 hours, however in most cases it will be sent immediately.



Q. Can I change my password?


A. Yes, simply login and change it as you wish.



Q. Do I need to add a new tournament next year?


A. No, simply edit your entry, change the dates accordingly and the entry will re-appear in the database.


Q. I get an error when submitting my tournament?


A. Ensure that all the required fields are fully completed.



Q. Can I use the same username for different entries?


A. No, you can only use one username for each entry.



Q. Can Reddish Vulcans provide further details on a listed tournament?


A. Unfortunately not, please contact the tournament organiser direct using the listed contact details in their entry.


Q. My tournament is over and my entry has disappeared from the database?


A. Don't worry, your entry is still in the database and you can access it in the normal way. Every tournament is dropped from the live (viewable) database the day after the event ends. This is so available listings are only shown on the database.



Q. Can Reddish Vulcans amend my listing?


A. Unfortunately not, there are over 1,000 listings in the database (not all on the live site). It is therefore impossible for us to administer all the entries. The site is designed to be straight forward and user friendly. However if the FAQ's do not answer your question, please use the email below.



Q. I have entered a tournament and they are not responding to my emails or phone calls, do you have any further details?


A. Unfortunately not,we only have access to the same details as per the entry. If you feel that the tournament organisers are not acting appropriately, please contact the local FA that covers their tournament location.



Q. How many entries can I submit?


  A. This is unlimited.



Q. How much does it cost to submit an entry?


 A. The tournament database is totally free for all juniors football teams and charitable events.



Q. I am a company that run many tournaments, can I submit to the database?


A. Yes, howver please do not spam the system and try to limit your entries. Remember the junior clubs on here are trying to raise vital funds for their clubs. We provide this database to the junior football clubs free of charge, please remember that we are a junior football club with limited funds, so a £30 donation (per entry) is required, this goes towards the running cost of this service. Please click on the Donations button below.



Q. I am a local authority, local authority sports club or independent sports club, can I submit to the database?


A. Yes, however this is the same as a corporate entry and a £30 donation (per entry) is required. Please click on the Donations button below.








Q. When are your training nights?


A. Training for under 5's to under 7's is every Tuesday 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Details for individual team training is listed on the 'Home Ground' page - Click Here to view.



Q. Where do RVJFC hold their training sessions?


A. All our training sessions are held at Burnage Rugby Club, Battersea Road, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, SK4 3EA, This is located just off Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey.



Q. Do you accept players from outside the United Kingdom?


A. Unfortunately, we do not accept players who live outside of the United Kingdom.











Q. How do I enter the tournament?


A. We now only accept online applications via our website. The application process is open from the 1st January until the end of May.

Q. How long does the tournament last for?


A. This is an all day tournament with all age group matches starting at 10:00 am. The finals usually take place between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

Q. I haven’t received the Welcome Pack?


A. Welcome packs are sent by automatically by email when you apply online. Please ensure that your email address is correct and legible. If you have not received your welcome pack, please email - tournament@reddishvulcans.com

Q. Are the pitches roped off?


A. All pitches are roped off for the playing teams, managers and coaches.

Q. Why can’t stand between the pitches?


A. The area between the pitches is the FA Respect zone allocated to Active Teams, Managers & Subs only.


Q. Do you have catering facilities?


A. We use the same professional match caterers that Manchester United, Liverpool & Everton use.

Q. Can we erect a tent or gazebo?


A. Yes, we actively encourage this, as it is protection from either strong sunshine or rain.



Q. Do you have on-site first-aid?


A. Always, this is provided by either St. Johns, Red Cross or a Professional First Aid Co.


Q. Do you have parking for coaches and buses?


A. Yes, we always reserve parking spaces for coaches and buses.


Q. Do you have parking for cars?


A. Yes, however we are only allowed to fill 350 spaces out of the 550 available (first come, first parked) this is due to residential flats who have dedicated spaces which we are not allowed to use.

Q. Why does the Car Park closed early?


A. There are only limited spaces in the car park, please arrive early.

Q. Can we allowed to have a barbeque?


A. Unfortunately, the venue does not allow this due to Health and Safety reasons.*

Q. Are dogs allowed at the tournament?


A. Unfortunately, the venue does not allow this due to Health and Safety reasons.*

Q. Is the consumption of alcohol allowed?


A. Unfortunately, the venue does not allow this due to local council by-laws (with enforcement by on the spot fixed penalty fines). *

* These are strict conditions that we have to abide by as part of our continuing use of the venue. Please help us enforce these rules. People who ignore these rules WILL be asked to leave the venue immediately.




Q. How many players can my Under 7 squad have (5 a-side)?


A. The maximum players per squad is 8 (eight) - (This is not negotiable).



Q. How many players can my Under 8 squad have (6 a-side)?


A. The maximum players per squad is 9 (nine) - (This is not negotiable).


Q. How many players can my Under 9 / Under 10 squad have (7 a-side)?


A. The maximum players per squad is 10 (ten) - (This is not negotiable).



Q. How many players can my Under 11 / Under 12 squad have (9 a-side)?


A. The maximum players per squad is 12 (twelve) - (This is not negotiable).



Q. How many players can my Under 13 / Under 14 squad have (11 a-side)?


A. The maximum players per squad is 15 (fifteen) - (This is not negotiable).



Q. Do you use the Retreat Rule?


A. Some leagues have the retreat rule, some don't. As clubs attend from all over the country, it's easier to decide on the day at the managers briefing whether we use this rule or not.



Q. Can I have academy players in my team?


A. Yes. Players signed to academys are allowed to participate in the North West Junior Champions League, however there are restrictions. We do not allow teams fully made up of academy players. In the interests of fairness, only one or two (maximum) academy players should be used in a team.


Please note: Under FA Rules, players aged under 7 and Under 8 cannot officially sign for Academies as they are too young. Players who attend extra training sessions with Pro clubs or Centre of Excellences are still allowed to attend.



Q. Our team kit clashes with our opponents?


A. Most teams have an ‘away kit’, if so, please be prepared and bring it with you (just in case).

Q. When does each age group play?


A. U7’s, U9’s, U11’s & 13’s play on Saturday. U6, U8’s, U10’s, U12’s & U14’s play on Sunday.




Q. How long do the games last (7 a-side)?


A. Each game lasts for 8 minutes - one way. Semi-finals and Finals are 5 minutes - each way.

Q. How long do the games last (11 a-side)?


A. Each game lasts for 15 minutes - one way. Semi-finals and Finals are 10 minutes - each way.


Q. Can we pass the ball back to the keeper?


A. Only U7’s & U8’s can pass the ball back to the keeper. No Back Pass rule applies to other age groups.

Q. Are free kicks direct or in-direct?


A. All free kicks are Direct.

Q. Can the keeper come out of his/her area?


A. Unfortunately not, a penalty kick is awarded if the keeper deliberately comes out of his/her area.

Q. Do all matches have qualified referee’s?


A. All matches are officiated by experienced FA qualified referees of varying ages and levels of experience. Abuse of the officials will not be tolerated.

Q. I have a dispute about my last game?


A. Please raise this with the tournament organiser (registration /score tent) within 15 minutes after the game finishes.




Q. Are we going to have a good time?


A. Definitely, please enjoy your day with us. Please come back next year.



Do you have a question that is not listed please email it@reddishvulcans.com


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