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Reddish Vulcans Junior Football Club  


Club Secretary: 6 North Avenue, Burnage, M/cr, M19 2WR


Telephone: 0871 915 3913*


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If you are using the contact us form to request Application form for the North West Junior Champions League unfortunately we no longer use paper applications. To enter our tournament please see our listing on the tournament database and book online. Please use the reserve team list facility if the age group you want is full.


Have you forgotten your username or password for the tournament database? To recover details please Click Here


If you are contacting us regarding a query with the Tournament Database or Training with RVJFC, please read the Frequently Asked Questions prior to contacting us.


If you are contacting us regarding a lost username or password for the tournament database, please use the automatic password recovery system on the 'edit your event' page.


If you still have to contact us. Please include the name of your tournament or the team you wish to join.


Polite Disclaimers:


1. TOURNAMENT DATABASE - If you have an enquiry relating to a tournament listed on our Tournament Database page, please contact the tournament organiser directly. Their contact details are displayed within their listing. The only event we actually run is the annual North West Junior Champions League which is always the first listing on the Database.


2. PLAYERS - Unfortunately, Reddish Vulcans are not able to accept applications for players from outside the UK. All players MUST reside within the UK, preferably within reasonable travellling distance of Stockport. We are also not able to sponsor or assist players to move to the UK to join Reddish Vulcans or any other junior, amateur, semi-pro or pro teams.


3. SEO Companies - Please do not contact us via the 'contact us' facility or send us emails about 'increasing our web traffic'. We are a non-profit sports organisation and do not benefit from increased sales or more visitors. We never reply to SEO emails, they are deleted without being read.


4. EMAIL LISTS - We do not need lists of email addresses to attract new customers, we are a junior football club and do not need to attract new customers. We are a non-profit sports organisation.


5. LINK BUILDING - We do not link build with non-football websites. We are not interested in building up our page ranking. We only link to other Junior Football Clubs and Football related businesses that we know.


6. SPAMMERS - Please do not send random links or lines of code via the 'contact us' facility. The 'contact us' facility is not linked to the site and nothing gets published. The facility meerly generates an email which is moderated and immediately deleted if spam. If you feel the need to still send links and random code, then we hope it was worth the time you wasted.



We know how to look after the kids!

Stockport Metro League Championship Winners
Reddish & Timperley Cup Final Winners
Stockport Metro Cup Final Winners
Manchester County Cup Winners
Umbro International Cup Winners
North West Junior Champions League Winners

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